Thursday, February 23, 2006


" Virtual worlds and other computer related media environments have the potential for being authored in such a manner that they can exhibit emergent meaning. These environments can be navigated and provide evocative forms of experience as well as potentially the modified and/or radically reconfigured. As, Peirce suggest, meaning is that which the sign conveys. The volume of virtual space is quantitatively different from that of the bound volume."

Yes in the virtual world everything that is created or authored can be changed and is available to all and he says " meaning is that which the sign conveys" so in the virtual world this is all left to one's interpretation? so sign and its meaning will be differrent for different ppl right? or is it just me not able to grab the meaning of his sign/statement?
and he also states volume in virtual world is different.... than in bounded volume.. umm i think both medium have thier own limits.. so in that way they r not different..


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