Thursday, February 02, 2006


I really liked this article.

I would especially refer Chris to the last section: Socially Situated AI as Technical Methodology. This might clear up the conundrum that comes from the following two statements being true:

There is such a thing as AI it is not science fiction.


There is no such thing as Artificial Intelligence, that is science fiction.

Briefly, the idea is that AI is what we call a technological artifact, a program, and "In this sense the agent as program is a kind of vehicle for a conception of a particular agent, which is communicated from the agent-builder through the technical artifact to the observers of or interactors with the agent." [114] Or, put another way, "a kind of communication between a human designer who is using it to embody a conception of an agent and a human audience trying to understand it." [113]

Further, this article contains several major ideas, all of which reward reading.

It's a good one. I like it. I like the article. This is an article that I like. I have a liking for this article. This article is good. Good this article is. Replete with goody goodness, the goodliness of which only the good can fully "goodify." [A term I coined in my blog article BITTLE_CH2_Sengers_I for the goodity of all.]


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