Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Industry Today I - Jason Cordial

Well, I decided that since I follow the industry, I might point out some intersting things in it's news that you might find interesting. Or not. I don't care.

Learn as You Play: Brunel Study Shows Positive Role of Computer Games

Game operators face social responsibilities in their online Utopias

Chinese Government cracks down on online gaming

No more cell phone bowling? EA officially completes acquisition of Jamdat Mobile

The Revolution is going to pwn joo!!!!!!!111 Backwards compatibility, and ten obscure games you'll need it for.
** Note: I actually have a few of these....

The house of Miyamoto takes another step closer to taking over the world. And there's something in there about the DS...

Hookers get POed about a game that's been released for quite a while... evidently they don't get out much...

That's it for now kids (who all happen to be older than me...). I'll probably put some more up next week. Maybe not. Who knows? I do.


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