Thursday, February 23, 2006


"When is this article written?"
The reason I ask about the date is that if 'interactive text and recombinant poetics' was written about early 90, it is so cool/awesome, but if late 90, it seems an anachronism.

Though I saw he said 'the research agenda' as this article's trait, like this agenda, i think, already discussed overflowly by Mark Post(The Mode of Information, 1990/The Second Media Age, 1995), Espen J. Aarseth(Cybertext, 1997), David Bolter and Grusin(Remediation, 2000),Lev Manovich(The Language of New Media, 2001) and so on.

One more thing I wanna talk that Seaman insisted his 'neighboring-recombinance' from two great discussions - Derrida's deconstructural electronic writing and Deleuze's detterritorialized flows of content and expression. At this processing, Seaman used his VR thoughts for merging and concluding for his 'recombinance', but there are no evidence can be linked or grounded.

what is Seaman's example which represent 'Virtual world' and 'interactive text' in this article? (see 233 - 234, suddenly virtual becomes the real(234 right first paragraph), and interactive text appears as his keyword without any explanation) and finally he made a finale with "Central is the exploration of a continuum that bridges body, enviroment and technology (P.234)"

So my opinion is that let's find out real examples(likely video clip about new interface at last class). If you have/know an example, let's collect that.

P.S : sometimes when I read a book, I click a bold text with finger with imagination "can this clicking link something like other page or show new message in same page?" I know I'm addicted. :P


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