Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Penny Responds
"Procedural works are designed systems that exhibit behavior with which might be engaged. The design occurs substantially at a meta-level, designing the qualities of behavior which human users can recognize and to which they will respond. This meta-literature is where the new aesthetic operates."(p.76)

I absolutely agree with this opinion. Penny wrote down at the conclusion - "Consciousness of the bodily action of the user per se is only part of this complex. It is necessary that we begin to be able to discuss with some precision the relationship between user behavior and system behavior, or system expression : graphics, text, sound and mechanical events."

What can be example of this above aesthetic? 'Matrix'? 'Ghost in the shell'?
- Jean O Baudrillard 'Simulacra and Simulation'-
In this realtion between the Simuacra and the Simulation,
What ani, film, play, etc is the new aesthetic in your head?


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