Thursday, February 02, 2006


The last couple of months I've heard a lot about first-person shooters being used in training exercises for various organizations, and the most popular is definitely "America's Army." It was created to help teach infantry how to shoot AND strategize. It's fair to say that if people didn't get anything out of these games being used as simulations, then they would probably turn to another simulation technique.

Penny says, "Passive observation may be shown to have some effect on the beliefs or even the actions of an observer, but an enacted training regime must be a more powerful technique." I think she's 100% correct only because simulations are used everywhere - my high school had driving simulators and ever air-traffic controllers use them now. Learning all of the techniques used in any complex task just by watching would be much more time-costly, due to the need for constant repitition. Learning by doing must work a little better.

But I don't believe that playing an FPS is going to turn you into a killer. FPSs aren't as popular in Japan, but there is a large market for sex simulators and "female viewing" games (watch G4's 'Cinematech - Nocturnal Emissions' and you'll probably see a few). I don't know what the numbers say, but I've got a feeling these games haven't created a hoarde of sex-monsters there.


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