Thursday, February 16, 2006


Contrary to Rosenburg's "The Barrier Frames," which has a good and ineresting "Legibility," Mez's "M[ez]" is easily readable what is called a good "Readability."
However, it's hard to say "M[ez]" has a good "Legibility" because of its own code for decoding. So the author is comparing with these two oposite types of typography to tell us about the different attempts of new typography styles.

But my question is if a reader isn't familiar with those new types of typo, can we also say that there's no "Readbility"?
Then, what is the meaning of those new concepts of typography which has a very limited useability?


At 4:49 PM, Blogger JK said...

Donggeol, your question is very closed to Betsy's. how can you catch up fast technologies?

When I met a strange typo, i just asked or listed up "what's you meaning?" (:D) For example, do you know this text meaning?

OTL - Guess what?

At 2:22 AM, Blogger JK said...


this is not letters, image as a gesture... O is your head which atare at the earth. T is your shoulder and arm which connects the ground. and L is your leg which bend, knee is contacted at ground.
So OTL has the meaning - "Desperation" it is very put to freqent use for expression about failure, rejected, worst feeling and so on......


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