Wednesday, February 15, 2006


If I'm understanding the concept of oscillation correctly, it involves the rapid switching between mediums or medias: text to image to sound to text to sound, etc. Strickland talks about a relatively new digital art where layering different items on the same scale creates a more living art than the stagnant form they can take on in their own work. My question: Is there a place for this art? Can it stand on its own?

The sheer act of oscillation on its own is a powerful concept. Strickland at first refers to a stenographer in a courtroom or buisness setting who is a pioneer in the process of oscillation. I would also present a studied musician. When I play music from a written page, my mind is advanced to a point where I don't have to interpret each symbol on the page. My eyes read the symbols, the brain interprets it into signals that pass to my fingers and lungs/diaphram, which working together, automatically produce the audio encoded outcome. It's not an absent minded task as it appears to the uneducated outsider, but a series of complex translations and encodes/decodes that happen automatically. "Moving through me as I move."

And this is just for Mark:



At 5:33 PM, Blogger JK said...

compared with old and traditional media, i believe Digital medium can be a place for oscillation/art - Moving through me as I move.


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