Thursday, March 16, 2006


OK here is that piece, pg.264
"What's so special about voice chips?"

the entire segment talks about how talking boxes have been present for ages and how there is a distinction between voice and noise.
Yes, we all are aware that we have voice enabled gadgets, like um.. some computers and PDas and cell phones and security entrances..ect etc ( dont know exactly what else )
all these to have higher security probably.. or for physicall disabled people..

well, i am thinking if we had these hardwares speak for such a long time why has there been such a delay in exploring thier potential? Why don't we have the jetsons in real life? why does it seem such a long road to that time?

Is the answer noise? I mean imagine you walking to your home door and speaking, " Sally, door open." the door replies in a female voice, "Hi Robert, welcome home."
then you proceed and speak to your voice mail, " Hi, Betty, voice messages plz." (remember you need to be polite) Betty replies, " Hi Robert, 11 people missed you today."

I mean this sounds cool but everyday in that monotonous sound? probably voice becomes noise then.. I mean we went to CMD the other day to check the new Eye Tracking system.. the TV was on the voice recognition mode.. and well Betsy had to scream and shout three times at least, to make it work, that too when it was in a generous mood.
Boy! imagine Robert yelling outside his house, Sally, open the door! door open! (makes me laugh) Sally repeatedly responding, "Sorry, Robert isn't home."

Yes, it further discusses voice in consumer goods, its soo common with thier small jingles and one liners that I don't even consider it voice anymore.. its a tape playing .. its not interacting.. no human like quality can be heard from them..

I agree with the author in, " Do Marginal voices have any say in the market?" pg.267
She says that voice chip is not particualy intended to sell the product but probably give that marginal edge over its competitors.

so that was my question and my answer.. what about you?


At 2:06 PM, Blogger Yildiz said...

yippy! I have the longest post so far:d

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Julius said...

"I mean this sounds cool but everyday in that monotonous sound? " ... voice chips are not really advanced and still not usable. They would only be perfect if they sounded completely natural and only then they would not be annoying. On the other hand I also see no necessity to talk to my door ... .


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