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Ok, I read the last chapter.. interesting articles..

Regarding, Walker's "Online Caroline," I want to ask you a question.
Can we say playing games where we can see other people's life on the internet to be open like a soap opera something like "voyeurism whcih is permitted?"

I see that even though this is virtual and seems cool, it will wear out like any other technology and pass it on to another level, where you will be able to control a persons life through the internet..A person faking his/her life on the net that can be manipulated by the player.

Don't you think this would start peoples fascination with voyuerism? I mean whats voyeurism? peeping tom? Umm.. MMS scandals and vouyerism has started lots of problems in india and with these games, i think people will only think its allowed and fun...
Monfort's reading was delightful because it was a short and sweet reading.
My question is:
What is interactive fiction is it isn't a story or a game? or a combination of two?
The author surely doesn't want it to be categorized it that way
" It's time to look beyond"Story" and "game" for those other figures........categories can be counterproductive." pg 316

Will we be seeing interactive soap operas in near future? what would that be then?


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Well I guess it all comes down to the person. SOme people probably would take it the wrong way and turn into peeping toms. Yet maybe people that were peeping toms are doing this because it is deemed normal? I don't know the answer but I think there is a blurred line in reality and fiction to some people.

At 2:16 PM, Blogger BP said...

Ah yes, the age old question: What is interactive fiction?

I think interactive fiction can be a story, a game, a combination of the two, or none of the above. I think it's all we could ask for and more.

One thing that I think is important to remember is that of all the people who are examining this topic, they all may have different perceptions of what a "game" is, or what a "story" is, or what an "interactive" is, etc.

But if we don't have categories, how do we define things?

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Julius said...

I think the viewers of reality shows like Big Brother already have some possibilities to interact with "real" people in TV.
There are also already shows in the Internet that work like Caroline, just with real people (rarely involving any stories ... real people have proven to be pretty boring). Those simulations have been around for a few years and have not gotten very popular, probably also because of the price of such a service (you can't have 500 Users interact with a real person at the same time).

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Ashley Ward said...

wasn't there some guy on the internet not too long ago that would let his internet 'friends' vote on his next actions. Then he had to do what they told him to because it was all part of the gimmick? I don't remember specifics because I didn't participate but I remember it being in the news.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Kasey Bradley said...

When I went to Universal Studios as a little kid they had this interactive theater where the seats had calculator-like keypads strapped to the seat armrests.

During certain scenes you'd be given a prompt that said something like "Should Tom do X or X?" The audience would vote, and depending on the result, Tom would do X. It was a cool idea but they executed it pretty badly. Nobody really got anything out of it, but it was very cool to be involved.

Really, don't they do pretty much the same thing with shows like American Idol where you can call in to vote on someone?

At 9:19 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

I agree with Julius ... I think the beginnings of such interactivity are already in existence. One I recently became aware of is 5 Takes on the Travel Channel ... viewers plan the itinerary of the travelers online before they leave on their journey.


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