Thursday, March 16, 2006


No questions from me, the first 1/3 of this article was all rhetorical questions. Thank you for an interesting article for a change, albeit a long one. Simply put, this article deals with machine-human vocal interaction. Interpret "vocal" in any way you like and it was pretty much covered. The fun part about this is, I talked about this back on my famed "text is dying" post (spaceholder for later citation that I'll never look up). We interact with identifiable/associated and unique voice chips so much in our daily lives that we don't realize it anymore. Is it that much of a stretch to assume that our basic computer-human interactivity will be through this method also? Granted, as of now I can't imagine trying to draw out a concept in PhotoShop using only voice commands. Heck, I can't even master "Queen to E5, Check."

What if we take it a step further. Human-computer-computer-human interaction? The future chatroom: a user makes their own avitar that "represent" themself (who would really do it honestly though). Then they send this character out into a social gathering environment with other characters and have conversations with real, or voice-chip transformed human voices. It's not that far away. Now before you say, hey, sounds like a MMORPG ABCDEFG, I'm talking purely social. The people make the characters attractive so these people feel like they're really meeting. Then they can sit down on a bench and have a private talk, mouths moving, eyes blinking, sneezing, coughing, getting creeped out yet?



At 5:15 PM, Blogger Kasey Bradley said...

I can't imagine ever having to do something either than looking up directions, ordering food or writing a word document with voice recognition. Everything else is unnecessarily difficult for the voice - we have hands for a reason, to use tools.


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