Thursday, January 19, 2006


Perlin contents that " these efforts cannot move forward to merge film and games, and that we will not be able to find a way to create an intermediate agency.." I disagree. I think this is already occurring.

With the Final Fantasy games, you, the user, are controlling the main character and the slew of secondary characters, but as the game progresses there are cut scenes, or small cinemas, that show the characters with feeling and emotion and you are then "watching," as if it were a movie, and give up or agency for a few minutes to watch the advancement of the plot. Then we are thrown back into the game where we have to regain agency and control the character again to still advance the plot. Through this whole exchange we are developing a deeper plot line, we give up control as well as get to control the story, and are drawn inside the head of the main character.

I think we are already merging film and games.


At 2:10 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Again I have not read the piece.

I think Betsy is right here. We are playing cinematic games already where we have control of characters as well as those damn cut scenes =)

My question is am I the only who has had a character do something in a cut scene I didn't like that the developers used to move the plot along. I thing this is a bit of a cop out. The game cut scenes should mirror the behavior of the game played character.

At 2:15 PM, Blogger Curtisgeist said...

Using intercut cinematics is considered to be the opposite of merging cinema and game in the view of a Perlin or Murray. This is the presence of Perlin's dialectic, without any "intermediate." Although, the original meanings of dialectic (and there are several, this is a generalisation) involve a juxtaposition not to find a median/mode/mean but to create a new form--to transform--which is not what Perlin is looking for.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Yildiz said...

Now is film defined holding a seat for 100-150 audiences or is it the more structural aspect? because if we are talking about narration and development in the plot, we already see it in games, as you said "Final fantasy" or even "War of the warcrafts." However, if we are talking about the experience of watcing a movie in a theatre and being among bunch of people cheering, or crying out during certain scenes, might never match that to games. Games have become a very personal experience, because you control it.

At 4:57 PM, Blogger Taco said...

This is the same with GTA. You walk into a new mission and instead of reading on screen directions, you have a 'meeting' with the 'boss' who gives you your instructions. Now how long before it's taken to the next level with the prostitues, killings, and your ultimate death in this game...

At 8:32 PM, Blogger Donggeol said...

Yes, I agree with Betsy and Mark here.

We've been already playing cinematic games already, and also some of the games are so much developed such as 'Fable.' This game is about controling a main character in the game, and the main character becomes anything from an eveil to a hero at the end of the game. It has many different kind of cut scenes, so it makes palyers wating to play over again and again to make their characters whatever they want to.


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